Though it has taken 150 million years to reach current day, the intellectual journey was not gradual in a linear sense. If one was to plot significant events occurring throughout human existence, Mankind’s ability to construct new ideas follows a logarithmic path, and is rapidly approaching an asymptote, or technological singularity. This singularity event has scientists both supporting and rejecting the concept of an imaginative plateau; the largest topic discussed is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). When this technological singularity is reached, it is hypothesized that man’s greatest creation, an artificial sapient being, will supersede human brain capacity. Because of this drive to exceed the technological barriers, we have never been closer to developing a functional A.I. However, more companies are creating AI as a vast list of commands, known as “frozen” intelligence, rather than developing true intelligence. This “frozen” intelligence never has the capacity to become an A.I, as we can never program an infinite list of commands. However, true intelligence, an intelligence able to program itself and learn, can become an A.I.  An AI able to emulate human thought, human experience, and human emotions.  

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