Samir Vasavada, Co-Founder & CEO 

Samir Vasavada is Co-Founder & CEO of Ai labs, Inc. In his respective position, Samir is responsible for managing a team of high-capacity developers, managing operations, and researching new areas in Finance and AI. Prior to Ai Labs, Inc, Samir founded Centrix/NYX Group, a global technologies firm specializing in Marketing and Software solutions. NYX consults with businesses for software development and marketing strategies. He oversaw a large international team of developers and projects.
After NYX, Samir and a partner created Copydoc, an AI character recognition solution utilizing guess-based analysis to recognize characters and accurately construct sentences. The focus of his project was to prevent the need for extensive copying of handwritten documents to a text-based environment.
Samir sits on advisory boards of several SaaS and Web startups. He has been written about in the Huffington Post and International Business Times

He is also a buy side consultant with GLG and Coleman Research. He consults with financial organizations such as banks, brokerage firms and hedge funds on topics such as digital marketing, AI market trends/AI’s integration into enterprise, and new types of data analysis for better understanding and valuing a security.

Prior to Samir's ventures, he took studied at Northwestern in Computer Science, and Documentary Filmmaking. Samir subsequently won awards in Robotics, and Software Development.

Special Skills: Business Development, Corporate Strategy, Content & Inbound Marketing, Swift, Objective-c, Java, Python, and Finance (Financial Analysis).

Samir enjoys writing answers on Quora and playing Golf. 

Runik Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CTO 

Runik Mehrotra is Co-Founder, President and CTO of Ai labs, Inc. In his respective position, he is responsible for developing new business strategies and the development of VISE. He actively manages each of the development teams and plays a big role in helping with development in Machine Learning and AI. His day to day role is a mix of managing development and working with the business development team for strategy development and growth. Previous to AI Labs, Inc, Runik co-founded Centrix/NYX Group, a global technologies analysis firm specializing in Marketing. Centrix consults with businesses for software development and marketing strategies. Runik oversaw a large development team in China, India and the US. He brought on new development strategies cutting costs then raising quality. Prior to Runik's ventures, he won awards in Mathematics, Software Development, and AI research. Runik is an expert in the fields of Technology Financial Analysis, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Software Development (particularly Mobile App Development), and Automating Technology.

Runik has a rare blend of technical and operations experience. He has a consistent track record of translating customer business needs into successful enterprise software deployments and services, and facilitating high-level communication throughout the organization.

Runik is an avid technologist, investor and an entrepreneur. He sits on advisory boards of many technology startups. He is a personal consultant to many firms such as RBC Royal, MassMutual, Global Asset Management Holdings, etc. He also consults at Gerson Lehrman Group as a buy side exclusive consultant.

Special Skills: Python, MATLAB, Mathematica, C++, R, JavaScript, C#, Hadoop, Hive, SAS Area: Mathematical modeling and algorithm development, particle filter, regression, forecasting, signal processing, ANN (Artificial Neural Networks), Machine Learning, Data Science, Analytics

Interests: Runik is an avid golfer and technologist.