Our Platform, VISE - A Revolution in Financial Services 

Our Vision 

"Our Ai based technology platform will allow the retail Financial Advisor the same access to cutting edge research that until now was only offered to Institutional professionals.

The result is professionally researched portfolios instantly designed specifically for the individual client saving the Advisor time and money."


Today there is over $40 trillion worth of money market securities being managed by the top 25 financial services companies in the United States. The cost to manage these investments is estimated at $100 Billion, the bulk of which is human capital.

Ai Labs, inc. has developed technology called VISE that will change the entire asset management sector by replacing manual trading practices with automated workflows using AI. Our proprietary processes have been proven to outperform the returns of top portfolio managers, while executing prudent investment strategies at a fraction of the time and cost.

VISE thinks like a human, but is capable of synthesizing 1,200 times more data using cognitive and analytical reasoning and delivering comprehensive analyses that are easy to interpret and FINRA compliant. By deploying VISE, brokerage and advisory firms can effectively reduce their personnel and overhead costs by 47% while achieving higher returns that dwarf their competition. 


Technical Variables 

  • Portfolio Construction 

  • Active Portfolio Management

  • Real Time Sentiment Analysis

  • Machine Learning

  • Management Sentiment Analysis

Active Portfolio Management

  • Save created portfolios
  • System constantly reads and analyzes articles and reports on every stock in the portfolio
  • System notifies advisors whenever there is a change in sentiment and suggests the trade
  • Back test each portfolio to show clients
  • Model Predictions of portfolio returns 





Portfolio Construction 

  • For constructing a portfolio, an advisor has a multitude of options:
  • Build a portfolio from scratch: Advisor can input the client’s risk profile, initial investment, diversification level, timeframe, number of stocks, and multiple other “stock filters”
    • Advisor receives a full portfolio customized to the client’s needs
  • Generated an AI based Portfolio: Advisor simply inputs the investment timeframe, risk, and initial investment. 
    • Advisor receives a full portfolio for their clients 

Machine Learning 

  • Back Propagation Trained Recursive Neural Network to quantify risk
  • System clusters stocks into “clusters” based on returns, sectors, and trends
  • Quantitative Financial Models +Machine Learning based model that constantly learns every time an advisor creates a portfolio
  • Genetic Algorithm to determine leverage and allocation of each security




    Real Time Sentiment Analysis

    • Rather than analyzing each word in an article (like 90%+ of Sentiment Tools), we use a cutting edge Deep Learning Based approach that analyzes sentences and phrases, putting each word into context 
    • AI combined with Natural Language Processing allows the system to analyze hundreds of articles within seconds
    • Advisor receives a simple sentiment “score” (along with a justification) that is calculated by analyzing the sentiment of both articles and reports
    • Real Time Accurate Sentiment empowers the advisor to make educated investment decisions; puts the technology of large hedge funds in the hands of an advisor 

    Product Advantages

    • VISE delivers robust, actionable analytics through a user-friendly interface that excels beyond the legacy systems of most data-centric enterprise software applications.
    • VISE is capable of delivering market performance metrics that enable fund managers to maximize returns while managing risk. All data is common and accessible. VISE adds value by compartmentalizing the data, developing user-defined research criteria and delivering balanced investment recommendations within a cohesive, single-source network.
    • VISE's ability to integrate Fund of Funds analytics is a major differentiator, allowing VISE to market beyond traditional brokerage houses. Our technology can be marketed to insurance companies, banks and large mutual funds.
    • VISE utilizes artificial intelligence to weave multiple data streams into a comprehensive solution. Our machine learning algorithms can analyze historical trading activities, and recognize social noise and VaR (value at risk) to improve future recommendations and earnings forecasts, and enhance stock-selection criteria. Furthermore, VISE incorporates an ANN (Artificial Neural Network) to validate the data being used in portfolio reports, allowing analysts/brokers to advise with confidence.
    • The financial services industry is built upon legacy IT systems that are supported by costly overhead. VISE will disrupt the market by delivering comprehensive value-added analytics at fraction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) and within a secure IT cloud environment, resulting in a return on investment (ROI) that is attractive to all stakeholders. 

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